22 mars 2014

TitanFall mis à jour.

Salut à tous.

C'est sur le site officiel que l'on apprend la bonne nouvelle.

En effet une mise à jour pour TitanFall est arrivée et le tout, en toute transparence.

C'est l'occasion de ré-équilibrer le jeu et de réparer quelques bugs.

3/21/2014 Server Changelog

Balancing adjustments and general changes

  • - The damage indicator from Electric Smoke is now much more noticeable
  • - Search Drones will now show up in Classic Modes of Angel City
  • - Arc grenade/mine effects no longer draw on friendly Pilots and Titans
  • - Lowered the point value of defensive actions in Hardpoint mode and CTF.
  • - Increased the score limit in Attrition
  • - Flag Return points reduced
  • - Flag Carrier killed points reduced
  • - Explosives detonated by Dead Man's Trigger are now slightly delayed
  • - Explosives detonated by Dead Man's Trigger now play a warning sound before exploding
  • - Slightly decreased the damage of the Smart Pistol when not locked onto a Pilot
  • - Slightly decreased the hip-fire accuracy of the Smart Pistol
  • - Certain Burn Cards could be exploited to give multiple uses
  • - Evac Dropships are now more responsive to Pilots entering them
  • - Hacking a Mega Turret will now restore it's health to full
  • - Cluster Missiles damage reduced against Evac Dropships

Bug Fixes
  • - Titan could become stuck in the position he lands in
  • - Auto-Titan wouldn't stand up until you embarked into it
  • - Several rare server issues restarting the game in to the lobby
  • - Pilot could end up out of bounds while rodeoing a Titan as it is destroyed
  • - Pilot could warp through certain locations when jumping off a Titan
  • - Rodeoing a Titan that has been doomed by your SMR could kill you
  • - Players being able to enter some geometry in Smuggler's Cove
  • - Titanfall will now give proper kill credit when it kills a Pilot embarking into their Titan
  • - Minions in Attrition now continue to spawn until the Epilogue begins
  • - Player couldn't hack a Mega Turret console
  • - Server would sometimes error when leeching a Spectre
  • - Hardpoints sometimes awarded defense score to players not near the hardpoint
  • - Rare issue when ejecting from a Titan
  • - Server would sometimes error after a match while returning to the lobby
  • - Double XP burn card sometimes not being applied properly

 Source : respawn.com

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