27 mai 2016

Elite Dangerous / La MAJ 1.6 est dispo.

Salut à tous.

La mise à jour 1.6 est désormais disponible sur la version Xbox One d'Elite Dangerous (9 Go).

Au programme, pas mal de changements, d'ajouts et d'équilibrages.

Changement de design en ce qui concerne l'interface, arrivée des groupes privés, remaping des touches de la manette, un groupe de vinyle pour les joueurs ayant participé au early access, les bookmarks, les community goals disponibles depuis n'importe quel Starport et j'en passe...

Seule la traduction est absente.

Les développeurs ont expliqué en s'excusant que la version française, allemande et russe auront un mois de retard afin d'attendre la traduction espagnole.
Pour rappel, ce sont des groupes de joueurs bénévoles qui aident Frontier à intégrer la traduction sur la version console.
En effet, les joueurs pc profitent d'un module Steam (un peu comme google traduction) et ne sont donc pas confrontés à ce problème.

Un peu de patience et la VF devrait bientôt être de la partie.

Pour le reste, je vous laisse seuls juges... et la liste est longue en attendant le 3 Juin prochain et la MAJ Horizon ...

Fly safe commanders !!

All the new features have been previously announced, but here's a few Xbox specific bits :
- Xbox One: Purchased outfitting content added
- Xbox One: Private group support added
- Xbox One: Added GPP Decal for those players who purchased during the Game Preview Program.
- Xbox One: Customisable Controls
- Xbox One: Classified Camera added in Super Cruise

- Fix physics crash with overheating ship and fuel scooping
- Fix softlock entering or leaving supercruise
- Fix error retrieving star data when the data hasn't loaded yet
- Add option to hide user's presence in rich presence
- Unable to see any notifications in the top right panel about the flag in CTF fixed
- When a player is invited into a game, try to use your squads suggested team as your suggested team, this should help the xBox backfill matchmaking make better team suggestions for new members
- Allow comms to remain open between squad mates until a CQC game starts, then it will switch over to team comms. After a match has ended it will go back to squad comms
- Fix issue with player being kicked if they're Live data wasn't properly initialised as the session was being created
- Activate panel controls while focussed on the scanner panel for consistency - can now use pad B to exit the focus
- Docking computer activates hardpoints and fires at station without player input
- Always show the friend options popup, even if the only options are Show Gamercard and Back. This is less confusing than just automatically showing the gamercard in some situations
- Add greater facility for binding controls
- Prevent unlocking ship-killing achievements by killing skimmers
- Fix full gamertag not being shown when targeting wing wake
- Made space for gamertag in CQC menus able to fit 15 characters wide
- To the right of Arena on Main Menu are links to Training Videos, these block Controller Navigation to Comms Contacts fixed
- Various UI performance optimisations
- Enabled HBAO by default on Xbox One
- Fix issue with video player when coming back from constrained mode
- Friends and Private Groups: Pressing B with a friend selected backs out of friends completely instead of just the sub-menu fixed
- Fix system request error
- Reject profiles as soon as they are signing out and sign out is not being deferred to prevent soft lock
- Fix threading issue when leaving wing while suspending
- Controls Help text has a Translucent black backdrop which in some instances fixed
- Prevent button mashing putting context menu appearing anywhere
- Correctly handle "Show Gamercard" option on Groups page
- Fixed incorrect prompt for classified camera mode in SRV
- Enable Menu Groups should default to false, so it doesn't affect (most) people's custom controller bindings
- Reduce stall created by system map info panel update on xbox: now info panel is updated only when camera stops moving, allowing faster navigation above objects without lagging
- System map / bookmarks : hooking up B button to exit drop down menu or popup if displayed
- Fixed incorrect preset graphics error
- Enabled station fog on XBox
- Fix aliasiing on deferred shadows
- Fix another potential ESRAM aliasing issue with the HBAO node
- Fix for potential ESRAM aliasing between the schematic and blur nodes
- Decal rendering optimisations

Source : forums.frontier.co.uk

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Super maj concernant l'évolution du jeu par contre quelques bug gênant constaté certainement du à la maj. En espérant que se soit vite résolu . Bon vol :)

Belle mise a jour gros bug majeur avec les contrôles rapide par exemple pour déployés le landing gear on tenais B plus en bas maintenant le boost part automatiquement en plus de déployer

Salut à toi humble inconnu.
J'ai la solution à ton problème :

Options / Controls / Miscellaneous / Enable Context Menu -> ON.

Voilà voilà, fly safe comanders ;)

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